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The course will provide training on the causes of workplace fires and their prevention; what to do when you discover a fire; raising the alarm and evacuation; role of a Fire Warden and highlight particular fire risks and methods of fire fighting. This includes instruction on the colour coding of fire extinguishers and which type if safe and appropriate to use depending on the fire source and fuel load. Correct training in the use of fire extinguishers is essential. Many places of work have mixed types of fire extinguisher and with all extinguishers being the same colour, using the wrong type may prove fatal. And part of our training sessions, there are (subject to weather etc.), practical demonstrations during which delegates are able to participate by using two different fire extinguishers.

Who should attend?
This is suitable for all those who have responsibility fore fire prevention, fire control and administration of fire fighting training.

Course Content
  • The cost of fire
  • Fire safety legislation
        ♦ the law
  • Risk assessment
  • Causes of fire
  • The spread of fire
  • Arson
  • Fire detection and warning
        ♦ fire instructions
  • Means of escape
        ♦ fire door signage
        ♦ escape route signage
        ♦ safe evacuation procedures
  • Fire fighting equipment
        ♦ types of extinguishers
        ♦ fire extinguisher usage chart
  • The emergency plan
  • The fire drill

On completing this course candidates will have an all round knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire, how to identify potential causes of fire and their prevention.

Further Information
Course duration:half day programe (4 hours)

Course Information Sheet

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